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Ryan Monroe’s Pangroid Band: January 26, 2007 (Photos)

For a couple of years, I played in a rad band with Ryan Monroe, Jeff Kozelski, and Larry Gornto.  Ryan wrote most of the material, although Jeff and I kicked in some ideas from time to time.  It was a great situation for me, as I was also doing the Analog Moon thing, and it was fun to be in a position to concentrate solely on my own parts.  The songs were incredible, too.  The band name came from the album that Ryan and I had recorded at my home studio in Northeast Columbia.  Ryan played almost all of the parts on the record, but we put together a decent band and had a really good time for a couple of years.  We disbanded when Ryan signed on to play keys (and sometimes guitar) for Band of Horses.  He’s since rerecorded a couple of those songs along with several new ones in a solo project aside from Band of Horses.  I’m still doing the Analog Moon thing for now, and Jeff has a band down on Charleston called The Outervention.  Larry’s still in Columbia and plays in a band called Moving Mercury.

Liz took these pictures at a show that we played at a now-defunct venue in Columbia called Headliners back in early 2007.

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